Certificate II in Retail Cosmetic Services

The beauty industry is constantly changing and evolving, with new directions, techniques and products being introduced into the market place at a vibrant pace. Make up artistry can provide many different pathways, working as a technical advisor or salon consultant for a make-up product company and a freelance artist.

Make up artist can work in film, stage and television and rub shoulders with the stars or do make up for photo shoots, catwalk and weddings. Make up artist and travel combined can take you to amazing places around the world.

What You Will Learn

This qualification offers a useful and practical qualification enabling you to provide :

  • Workplace communications
  • Routine salon/store functions
  • Proper demonstration of skin care products
  • Ability to design and apply make-up in general and specialist situations
  • And more

Units of Study

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetic Services requires the following units of competency:

  • Conduct Financial Transactions [WRBCS201B]
  • Apply Techniques to Update Beauty Industry Knowledge [WRBCS202A]
  • Provide Services to Clients [WRBCS203B]
  • Demonstrate Retail Skin Care Products [WRBFS201B]
  • Design and Apply Make-Up [WRBFS202B]
  • Design and Apply Make-Up for Photography [WRBFS203B]
  • Design and Apply Remedial Camouflage [WRBFS204B]
  • Communicate in the Workplace [WRRCS1B]
  • Work Effectively in a Retail Environment [WRRER1B]
  • Apply Safe Working Practices [WRRLP1B]
  • Merchandise Products [WRRM1B]
  • Perform Routine Housekeeping Duties [WRRM2B]
  • Sell Products and Services [WRRS1B]

Elective Units of Study

A minimum of two elective selected by the student, with the approval of the Head of School from the following:

  • Provide Manicure and Pedicare Services [WRBBS201B]
  • Apply Gel Nail Enhancement [WRBBS202A]
  • Apply Acrylic Nail Enhancement [WRBBS203A]
  • Apply Knowledge of Nail Science to Nail Services [WRBCS204A]
  • Pierce Ears [WRBSS201B]
  • Operate Retail Equipment [WRRCA1B]
  • Co-Ordinate Work Teams [WRRER2B]
  • Perform Stock Control Procedures [WRR11B]
  • Minimise Theft [WRRLP2B]
  • Monitor in-Store Visual Merchandising Display [WRRM5A]
  • Create a Display for a Small Business [WRRM6A]
  • Profile a Retail Market [WRR07A]
  • Develop Innovative Ideas at Work [WRR08A]
  • Research Business Opportunities [BSBSBM301A]
  • Search and Assess Online Business Information [BSBEBUS301A]

*If WRBBS201B – Provide manicure and pedicare services, or WRBBS202A – Apply nail gel enhancement or WRBBS203A – Apply acrylic nail enhancement) are selected then WRBCS204A – Apply knowledge of nail science to nail services must also be selected.